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Amazon Prime Sample Box

I have been trying out new beauty products lately and found several sample or monthly subscription boxes that are in my budget. I recently received the Amazon Prime women’s Skin and Hair Care Sample Box and tried out some of the stuff inside.

First I’d like to explain the info on the sample box process.  You need to be a prime member, they’re exclusively geared toward prime member and obviously have free shipping.  They have boxes from $4.99 to $19.99 and many varieties of boxes. I did the women’s skin and hair but they also have men’s, babies, sports nutrition, dog treats, vitamins, snacks and more in terms of box themes. So you select the box that’s geared toward your needs and then you order it. It takes some time to receive it, not always two-day, but still free shipping. They are truly sample sizes, although my box did have a rather large package of facial wipes included and they removed my makeup amazingly well.  The best part is that once your box is shipped to you, you receive sample credits AKA Amazon credits to use on the full sized products from sample box! I will be using mine for sure.

First I tried the 3D Crest White strips, which need to be on for an hour. I figured I could hop in the shower and use some other samples while I whiten my teeth. I have never used whitening strips so I didn’t know what to expect. I genuinely hated the way they felt and the weird taste in my mouth. I couldn’t do the full hour and took them off about 40 mins in and brushed as normal, but I did feel like my teeth looked a bit whiter.

Next I tried the Carol’s Daughter shampoo and Conditioner samples. They were TINY, and my hair is thick and down to my waist, so I wasn’t expecting a miracle. The shampoo is sulfate-free and both were black vanilla scented, smelled amazing. The conditioner was great, a little went a long way and that is awesome for my hair. I let my hair air-dry and only brush it when I ABSOLUTELY have to, mostly just finger comb through. I love the way my hair feels today after using it. might need to get myself some with my sample credits.

I used the Roc multi correxion 5 in 1 moisturizer on my face and neck. I like that it has 15 SPF in it and it went on my face and felt nice and light, but I didn’t like the scent.  I also tried the Aveeno skin relief lotion on my legs, it is coconut scented and I like it. I have used this brand before and the scent was pleasing.

The box also had some facial wipes, more lotion, floss and some shampoo and conditioner that I have used before and I am going to take on vacation later this month. Travel sized is the best! For ten bucks this box was nice but I was hoping for more hair care stuff and less teeth and skin stuff. I wold recommend it though just to try for yourself.