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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

It has been a very intense year, for almost everyone I’d say. It has been a very interesting year for me personally, lots of highs and lows and I have truly learned a lot. I have kept my business of photography and event planning afloat this year, which isn’t easy as a small personal business owner with only her own creative experience and word of mouth. I can honestly say I am proud of how far I have come with my photography and I have met so many fun and interesting clients. I am also so happy about starting this Blog!! I have had a lot of fun writing and posting and running giveaways and interviewing artists. I think my favorite experience with this blog has been putting Small Businesses in the spotlight.  I hope I can continue this as well as posting more projects and personal experiences. I truly appreciate all of you for reading and supporting my blog this past year and I hope you’ll stick with me as we all venture into 2018. 

Here are some of my personal Goals for January 2018:

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I was recently able to meet with some friends of mine, Gavin and Jeannie of the band HXXS, and take some fun photos of them. HXXS consists of two people and some exciting musical machinery and the entire operation is currently being run out of Bakersfield, California. 


“Two magicians trying to make a living applying it to music.”

I met Gavin while playing in my old band (I know, I know…yes I was in a band.) at a backyard show in San Jose along with about a dozen other artists. He was a soft spoken scrawny guitar player in a bow tie. I was very impressed with his ability to captivate the crowd.  I later learned he is the brother of one of my high school friends….small world, as they say. Gavin eventually began to make more complex and different music. Self Described, “HXXS sticks to one formula; Hardware, for their strange brew of psychedelic pop. “.  Jeannie, the other half of this musical wizardry, made the sound and energy of this music really come forward, in my opinion. 

I truly love their music and I love them. They inspire me not only as musicians, but as my friends. 

You can listen to HXXS on Spotify now!!!



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DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

So, we decided we needed to be crafty this holiday season an make our own Christmas tree. It actually ended up being pretty simple and fun.  We started with two pieces of plywood we had laying around in the garage and cut them into triangles. I have to stop here and say, please measure your wood…we didn’t really do that. We are also not people who make things using saws and wood typically so we just decided this didn’t need to look perfect, we just wanted to see how it would turn out.

After we cut the two large triangle pieces we had to cut out the slots that would line the pieces up to create a 3-D tree. It was kind of like a puzzle, but much simpler and with two crazy adults who don’t know anything about woodworking. 

We then painted the pieces a nice chalkboard green with a bunch of cold glitter stirred into the paint (both can be purchased at Target, but I think it’s a bit overpriced. Whatever, it’s Christmas. ). The color turned out great!

Last, we assembled the pieces and set it up in the corner of our living room. The top of the tree was so crooked we slapped a Santa hat on top and called it a day.  We got so excited by our little tree we went out and found some more scraps of wood in the garage and made ourselves a stocking holder to go alongside the tree. We used some fence boards and a couple of 2x4s.


Anyway, we had fun making these projects and if we can make them I am 1000% sure that anyone with scrap wood, a saw, sparkle paint and free time can make an even better version of what we created. It was nice to do something special as a family together. 

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December Giveaway #2!!!

Another Giveaway! As mentioned in my last Vlog…I thought another giveaway would be fun! So I picked up these Tsum Tsums! 
How to enter:
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Giveaway ends DEC. 17th, winner announced Dec 18th! .


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December Giveaway!!!

As promised in my last personal post I am hosting a giveaway! I was recently at the parks and picked up this Mickey Ear Ornament Stein from Disneyland and I am now giving it away to one lucky subscriber! If you are already a subscriber you will be entered automatically….if not CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

You have until Thursday December 7th at 11:59PM to subscribe and be entered. The giveaway winner will be announced on Friday December 8th at Noon!! Good Luck to all of you!