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Tuesday Morning Ramblings W/Robyn

Hello and good morning, Happy Tuesday! This past week has been a giant adventure! I have done so many fun and exciting things that I am so happy I get to share with all of you. 

As most of my friends know I have been getting back into my workflow and that means being back behind my camera again, aka my second baby. I was able to do a really fun photo walk with my friend Robert (local tattoo artist). We headed to the heart of Tower District and focused on the wall murals. There are so many different pieces of beautiful art on every corner in Tower and I love finding hidden gems. It was great having a friend along with me on the photo walk because I rarely get to see someone else’s take on the same subject by working together. I definitely can’t wait to do another walk again and try out some new ideas and techniques. 

Friday evening Chris and I headed to the best place in the world, Disneyland! We spent the weekend there and it was AMAZING! So many things were happening at Disneyland Resort that weekend and we got to experience the magic of it all. As soon as we arrived we hit the parks and rode on Pirates of the Caribbean, which was especially cool this trip because it is was our last opportunity to see “The Read Head” before they refurbish the ride and turn her into a pirate!! I cannot wait to see her become a pirate, it is going to be so awesome. I love when changes come to Disney because Walt was always expressing his interest in change and innovation.

Saturday morning we did rope drop and it was pretty calm all morning, but it was Dapper Day weekend and everyone looked so beautiful and amazing in their Dapper outfits. If you don’t know what this Dapper phenomenon is I highly suggest you check it out on Instagram. People come dressed in period piece clothing representing something with a Disney character or attraction; for example I saw a woman in a 50’s style gown with parrots and pineapples all over it and a little clip in her beautifully coiffed hair shaped like a Dole Whip treat! So basically she was dressed as “The Enchanted Tiki Room”. People get so fancy and creative and I loved seeing the details in everyone’s attire. While at the parks I was also able to meet some of my friend’s from Instagram! I am always so inspired by the Disney community and it was nice to interact with them and meet them face to face. 

It was also PixarFest at the parks, where Disney had everything from Pixar decorations and food to Pixar parades and fireworks shows. It was insanely fun and it is going on until September so if you are able to go you should! We rode so many rides and ate at our favorite spots and just spent time together doing all the things we love to do. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with the love of my life. I am glad I have a huge Disney nerd to share my experiences with.

It was back to real life on Monday, but I honestly had a great day. I was able to do a Grad photo session for some of my favorite clients in Old Town Clovis and I am beyond excited to finish the edits and send the, because they turned out so nice.  Ben worked on a lot of homework in the evening and I could see so much improvement in his writing which makes me very proud. He used to think writing wasn’t fun and now he is actively working on opinion essays and trying to make his work exciting as well as communicative. (#ProudMom ) Yesterday was also interesting for me because I went to my very first Yoga Class at Perfect Balance Yoga. I found them on Groupon and got a 5 class voucher for $35. I don’t know what to expect but I went into the basic beginners class with an open mind. It was amazing! I have been having lower back pain and I woke up this morning with it feeling so much better. I also had a very emotional experience during the class because I realized that I am always tense and it was the first time I had allowed my body to completely relax in years. I was so overwhelmed by life and it all melted away in those moments and I will be going back again for my next class soon!!

I wanted to share with you some info about the street fair I will be apart of this coming weekend as well. The ChinaTown Bazaar in Fresno will be Saturday the 28th 10am-3pm. I will have my booth set up all day and be selling some pieces and scheduling photo appointments at a special rate for the event. I hope you guys can make it out to support your local small businesses and say hi!

I hope you all have an amazing week, thanks for catching up with me on mine!

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Blog Collab w/ Tawona of The Well Dressed Curl

I am so happy to finally reveal the blog collaboration I have been working on with Tawona Butler of ! We met last week and had a fashion adventure, and I learned a lot about fashion, and about her. 

I met Tawona when she reached out to me to work on some photos of her for her fashion and hair blog last year, and we have been working together ever since. I can honestly say she is one of my favorite clients and has become a good friend. I was able to interview her and we tried on some clothes together. 

Meet Tawona:

Tawona Butler, Account Specialist and Fashion blogger, was born in Chicago and came to live in Fresno, California at the age of 12. She started her blog as a way to show others how to mix and match affordable clothing after having co-workers and friends show interest in how she came up with her looks. She also shows how she maintains her natural hair and what products she uses for hair care. 

5 Fast Facts

  1. Always has chap-stick. One by the bed, in the purse, in the car, on her desk. It’s something she cannot live without.
  2. Talks a lot. People assume she’s quiet when they first meet her, but when she gets comfortable around them she loves to talk.
  3. Loves to read, and sometimes will read three different books at once.
  4. She’s a girly girl in every sense of the term. She loves purses, accessories and can wear a dress anytime for any occasion. 
  5. A secret hoarder of purses and shoes, she says she can’t ever get rid of something in case she wants to wear it or it comes back in style.

Tawona says she gets her style inspiration from celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian.  JLo has a transformative style that she admires, from high fashion to casual clothing. She explains that Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian are comfortable setting their own trends despite what others say about them which is something she enjoys as well. She told me that in the future she wanted to add more celebrity inspired looks on her blog as well as some “How To’s” for a style guide on how to dress, mix and match and where to shop to save money. She also expressed a need to post more consistently on her blog, which was fantastic because I presented her with a March #BlogChallenge of posting once a week for the entire month of March and she accepted the challenge. so you can expect a lot more from Tawona in the coming month

  If you have met Tawona or seen her social media you can see she has a wonderful sense of style and I was pleased to see how brave she was to let me dress her in some outfits I selected from her favorite store, Forever 21.

First Look:

Casual Gray Tee- $12.90

Premium Wash Denim Jacket- $24.90

Pink crushed velvet low-top sneakers- $19.50 

Tawona’s thoughts- Yes on the tee and jacket, not a fan of the velvet shoes.

Second Look:

Varsity Jacket: $29.90

Embellished White Tee- $12.90

White low top sneakers- $22.90

Round Sunnies: $5.90

Tawona’s thoughts- Loved it and would definitely wear this on a weekend out or to the park. 

The Before Look

I had such a great time picking out some casual looks for her that are more my speed than hers and she was such a good sport about trying them out.She styled me as well…if you’d like to see the looks she chose for me head over to her Blog and see!


This blog collab was so much fun and we wanted to continue the fun with all of you by hosting an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!! Head over to  our Instagram accounts for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card to Forever 21 so you can shop our looks or style your own! EventfulMagic & TheWellDressedCurl

(Winner will be selected on February 28th and announced that day)




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I’d love your feedback!

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December Giveaway!!!

As promised in my last personal post I am hosting a giveaway! I was recently at the parks and picked up this Mickey Ear Ornament Stein from Disneyland and I am now giving it away to one lucky subscriber! If you are already a subscriber you will be entered automatically….if not CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

You have until Thursday December 7th at 11:59PM to subscribe and be entered. The giveaway winner will be announced on Friday December 8th at Noon!! Good Luck to all of you!

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BlogTober is Here!

Hello! Welcome to the very exciting month of BlogTober. I am truly excited to be sharing this post with you and to kick off this extremely busy month on the Blog. I will be doing so many things this month and I have made a short video to tell you about some of it:

There is SOOOOOO much more than what is mentioned in the video so i hope you’ll check it out! If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s happening here at Eventful Magic please Subscribe and we will update you when something is happening.

The Freebie Fridays are going to be awesome and I cannot wait to share the Small Business Saturday posts with you guys!! happy BlogTober everyone!


PS: I am currently doing a 30 Day Photo Challenge for BlogTober and will be posting the photos daily on Instagram if you’d like to follow along!

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59 Days of Code, Fresno 2017



So at the end of August I went to 59 Days of Code here in Fresno to check it out and see what the tech community was up to. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we had a lot of Agriculture related tech out at the event and I was fortunate enough to meet and speak to some of these people and learn about their projects and apps.

As you know this blog is very new and I am still learning all the cool, fun ways to edit videos…..which also means I am still NOT great at it and rely on some very basic editing tools via my iPhone. I plan to study up on some programs and with time I hope my Vlogs will get better! If you have any comments, tips, advice or constructive criticism I’d be happy to hear it!

you can email me at: Robyn@EventfulMagic.Org