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June so far…

June has been a whirlwind of things happening! From school field trips, to summer vacation, to family visiting and work trips I am definitely ready to tell you all about some of my adventures and misadventures.

my awesome boy

The first week of June was interesting. I was pleased to watch my son receive an award at a school assembly for Academic Improvement. He has really worked so hard this school year. Third grade isn’t what it used to be, honestly. It is full of so much homework and research projects and learning

Third Grade Group

how to be organized and confident on top of the social demands that are so much more difficult nowadays. Ben was literally beaming on that stage when they called his name and he had the biggest smile. To say I was proud is an understatement. He was also lucky enough to accompany his class on a field trip to our local planetarium at Fresno State. It was so exciting to watch the kids learn about space and our solar system. We were also able to go into the school library and see how big and interesting the building is. College is so far away but to see the kids interested in furthering their education is really awesome.  It was a really great way to end the school year.

Liz and I

The same week we also had some visitors! My sister Liz and our family friend Dom came and stayed with us. 

Face Mask Crew

We were all able to go out to La Nita’s with my mom and some other family, which was really fun. We also had a face mask night as a family, because obviously group exfoliation is always a good time. Movie nights, sitting around the fire pit in the backyard and just spending time together before Ben left for two weeks was just what we all needed.  Ben has a summer schedule that includes two weeks on and off with his father throughout the summer. I choose not to discuss Ben’s other family so as to give them privacy and honestly it is extremely personal. I miss Ben a great amount when he is gone but thankfully he is at the age to have his own phone so we can maintain contact and stay in touch.

When Ben left for his two weeks, Liz and I went to her home in Long Beach and I was able to see her wife and spend a day getting our nails done and trying some awesome vegan food. We went to Pizzanista, which I love so so much, and then we tried a new place for a treat! We ended up at Hug Life in Garden Grove.  It is a plant based vegan ice cream shop! I tried the mint chip and it honestly felt like I was eating regular ice cream, but it had no dairy at all! I am definitely going back. I love trying new things and I respect that my family has a vegan diet, it is encouraging me to be healthier and more conscientious.

Erika, Mickey and I

On Sunday I had a very special photo session at Disney with one of my good friends and past clients, Erika! I was able to take photos of her in different outfits throughout the parks and spend time with her for the first time since she moved to So Cal.

@DisneylandGrammers and @Retro.Magic

  My sister and her wife, Tiffany, also came to meet me at the parks for awhile before I had to check into my hotel. I appreciate that they endured the heat and the crowds just to see me for awhile.  I did have a few hiccups that afternoon but headed back to the parks around dinner time and met up with some Instagram friends and was overwhelmed by their kindness. They not only invited me to join them for dinner but they spent literally all night with me going on rides and park hopping before ending the night with Fantasmic! I loved their positive energy and the fact that the Disney community has enabled me to meet with some spectacular people.

The next morning however, I woke up with the worst swollen tonsils ever, complete with a fever and cough.  I honestly think spending four weeks on antibiotics really messed with my immune system. As we know, antibiotics kills bacteria, good and bad.  My body clearly wasn’t ready to handle being at a theme park. I holed up at my hotel until Tuesday when I finally felt well enough to drive the 5 hours back to Fresno. My husband has been taking care of me since the moment I walked through the door.

Best Husband

I am truly lucky to have him.  I am seriously disappointed that all my other plans fell through and I wasn’t able to get any other photo sessions in. I have been having the most difficult time getting back to working on a regular basis this entire year and it can be extremely depressing. I know this too shall pass, and I plan on continuing to be an optimist despite the setbacks. Dreams also take hard work, and I plan on working very hard to make them come true.

Other highlights from the past couple weeks: I finally sat at The Liars Club booth at The Rodeo Coffee Shop and learned it’s origin story.  Chris and I took Ben to Japanese Kitchen to celebrate his award, and it was just as good as we remember. I sold more pins the last two weeks than ever before and it was super motivating, I love my customers. I have 700 followers on my Disney Instagram and I know it isn’t a huge amount but I just think it’s cool that many people want to see my photos. I attempted doing my own nails to save money and actually did pretty well, but I definitely need more practice.  I also took Dom antiquing, which apparently he had never experienced. Last but not least, Ben and I were able to enjoy Oswald the Lucky Rabbit classic cartoons.

I hope your summer is off to a great start!

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Blog Collab w/ Tawona of The Well Dressed Curl

I am so happy to finally reveal the blog collaboration I have been working on with Tawona Butler of ! We met last week and had a fashion adventure, and I learned a lot about fashion, and about her. 

I met Tawona when she reached out to me to work on some photos of her for her fashion and hair blog last year, and we have been working together ever since. I can honestly say she is one of my favorite clients and has become a good friend. I was able to interview her and we tried on some clothes together. 

Meet Tawona:

Tawona Butler, Account Specialist and Fashion blogger, was born in Chicago and came to live in Fresno, California at the age of 12. She started her blog as a way to show others how to mix and match affordable clothing after having co-workers and friends show interest in how she came up with her looks. She also shows how she maintains her natural hair and what products she uses for hair care. 

5 Fast Facts

  1. Always has chap-stick. One by the bed, in the purse, in the car, on her desk. It’s something she cannot live without.
  2. Talks a lot. People assume she’s quiet when they first meet her, but when she gets comfortable around them she loves to talk.
  3. Loves to read, and sometimes will read three different books at once.
  4. She’s a girly girl in every sense of the term. She loves purses, accessories and can wear a dress anytime for any occasion. 
  5. A secret hoarder of purses and shoes, she says she can’t ever get rid of something in case she wants to wear it or it comes back in style.

Tawona says she gets her style inspiration from celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian.  JLo has a transformative style that she admires, from high fashion to casual clothing. She explains that Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian are comfortable setting their own trends despite what others say about them which is something she enjoys as well. She told me that in the future she wanted to add more celebrity inspired looks on her blog as well as some “How To’s” for a style guide on how to dress, mix and match and where to shop to save money. She also expressed a need to post more consistently on her blog, which was fantastic because I presented her with a March #BlogChallenge of posting once a week for the entire month of March and she accepted the challenge. so you can expect a lot more from Tawona in the coming month

  If you have met Tawona or seen her social media you can see she has a wonderful sense of style and I was pleased to see how brave she was to let me dress her in some outfits I selected from her favorite store, Forever 21.

First Look:

Casual Gray Tee- $12.90

Premium Wash Denim Jacket- $24.90

Pink crushed velvet low-top sneakers- $19.50 

Tawona’s thoughts- Yes on the tee and jacket, not a fan of the velvet shoes.

Second Look:

Varsity Jacket: $29.90

Embellished White Tee- $12.90

White low top sneakers- $22.90

Round Sunnies: $5.90

Tawona’s thoughts- Loved it and would definitely wear this on a weekend out or to the park. 

The Before Look

I had such a great time picking out some casual looks for her that are more my speed than hers and she was such a good sport about trying them out.She styled me as well…if you’d like to see the looks she chose for me head over to her Blog and see!


This blog collab was so much fun and we wanted to continue the fun with all of you by hosting an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!! Head over to  our Instagram accounts for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card to Forever 21 so you can shop our looks or style your own! EventfulMagic & TheWellDressedCurl

(Winner will be selected on February 28th and announced that day)




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I was recently able to meet with some friends of mine, Gavin and Jeannie of the band HXXS, and take some fun photos of them. HXXS consists of two people and some exciting musical machinery and the entire operation is currently being run out of Bakersfield, California. 


“Two magicians trying to make a living applying it to music.”

I met Gavin while playing in my old band (I know, I know…yes I was in a band.) at a backyard show in San Jose along with about a dozen other artists. He was a soft spoken scrawny guitar player in a bow tie. I was very impressed with his ability to captivate the crowd.  I later learned he is the brother of one of my high school friends….small world, as they say. Gavin eventually began to make more complex and different music. Self Described, “HXXS sticks to one formula; Hardware, for their strange brew of psychedelic pop. “.  Jeannie, the other half of this musical wizardry, made the sound and energy of this music really come forward, in my opinion. 

I truly love their music and I love them. They inspire me not only as musicians, but as my friends. 

You can listen to HXXS on Spotify now!!!



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Local Artist: Chloe Peterson

I have known Chloe for a decade and every single time we see each other she makes me happy. She is one of my favorite people and one of the most talented artists I have ever known. She was nice enough to give us this very amazing interview about being an Artist in her community and the positives and negatives of the artist life. Chloe also gave me 5 small pieces for a giveaway which will be happening sometime in November. I will be posting about that soon so keep an eye out!

This video featured music from HXXS, a band very near and dear to me. They gave me permission to use their music and I hope you’ll check them out!


You can also find them on Spotify!!!

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BlogTober is Here!

Hello! Welcome to the very exciting month of BlogTober. I am truly excited to be sharing this post with you and to kick off this extremely busy month on the Blog. I will be doing so many things this month and I have made a short video to tell you about some of it:

There is SOOOOOO much more than what is mentioned in the video so i hope you’ll check it out! If you’d like to stay up to date on what’s happening here at Eventful Magic please Subscribe and we will update you when something is happening.

The Freebie Fridays are going to be awesome and I cannot wait to share the Small Business Saturday posts with you guys!! happy BlogTober everyone!


PS: I am currently doing a 30 Day Photo Challenge for BlogTober and will be posting the photos daily on Instagram if you’d like to follow along!

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Local Artist, Benjamin Jett Perez age 8

My son came to me and asked to be on my blog as an artist and I was more than happy to oblige. Please forgive me tearing up a bit in the video…this was completely unscripted and he said some very loving and soulful things. 

My son has dealt with bullies before and has overcome some self esteem issues by diving into art and being creative. He is a great source of inspiration for me. He strives to help others and has even started helping me plan a friendship club at his school. I know he will do great things. (His hero is also Walt Disney like his Momma!)

Here are some examples of his art:


Can’t wait to see what is next for this kid of mine!!!