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Tuesday Morning Rambling w/Robyn

Good Morning! It has been busy week for me and I hope you have all had a great one. Our family spent our week doing lots of fun stuff. We cleaned up our backyard and picked some lemons and oranges from our trees. My son is obsessed with lemons and would eat them all day if I let him. (Don’t worry, I don’t haha)

On Thursday we had another super successful Friendship Club. I was flying solo to make friendship bracelets but I managed to help the kids have a great time. I brought over 300 feet of elastic string and over 6,000 beads and used about 80% of my inventory. the kids were so happy to be able to make bracelets again, I even got a few 6th graders this time which typically doesn’t happen. I can’t wait for next Thursday because we are having a reading party! On Friday Morning we went to our usual hangout for Donut Friday (T&D Donuts). We usually get a donut and small cartons of chocolate milk, and it was the highlight of my day. I love seeing my son happy before school.

On Saturday my husband and I got up before the sun to go yard sale-ing. We managed to find a few good spots and scored some cool books for Friendship Club.  It was fun, but I can’t wait til the weather is better and we can go to swap meets again. I’m a pro at haggling and bargain hunting.  Afterwards, we headed to our favorite taco spot, La Elegante.  It’s a great little hole in the wall spot in Chinatown and it’s always so busy, but absolutely worth it. When I say busy I mean in the history of us eating there we have only been able to get a table twice, usually we eat in the car or on a bench if the weather is nice. I recommend the carne asada tacos, they are perfection! I spent most of Sunday writing back to some of my pen pals (Click here to become a pen-pal) and planning the week ahead, as well as heading to Fresno City Vapor to restock my husband on his favorite locally brewed vape juices.  We honestly love to go in there just to visit with the employees because they’re awesome people and make us feel so welcome. 

Monday was very fun because I was able to wrap up some projects I have been working on. I did a bedroom makeover and a little DIY project to create my own bedside tables. Our family also went out to dinner with our best friends, who actually live next door to us. We are so lucky to have these friends who have become our family. I don’t know what I’d do without them.





 I had such a fun time working on my bedroom, and soon I will have time to complete the project by adding a reading nook. And my couch is being delivered today! I definitely can’t wait for that. I will be posting updates on both next week.  I hope your week is fantastic!!!

PS: I know I am always talking about Disney stuff so I hope you won’t mind me sharing the giveaway I’m hosting on my Disney Instagram ( @Dizcactus ) the only rules are that you need to be following the account and like this photo:

You’ll have a chance to win the items above, Contest ends Wednesday Jan. 31st! Good Luck!

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Bedroom Makeover

Recently I made the decision to makeover my bedroom. I have been living in this house for about four years and I had never had the time to make my bedroom a place of beauty and comfort but I decided it was time. Overall the project was simple and so far has only cost about $100 or less. I was even inspired with a little DIY project that turned out amazing! I still need to create my reading nook and decorate another wall but I have finished the bed area. 

I honestly love the way my bedroom feels now, and I have been spending a lot more time there lately.


This is where you can find the items I have made and purchased for this project:

Tapestry: Amazon

Sheets & Pillows: Target

Bedside Table: Diy Project Here

Cactus Dish, mini pencils, and Faux Succulent: Target

Galaxy notebook/ Novel: Barnes & Nobles

Candle: Churro Scent/Flickin’ Lit candle Co.

Faux Flower in block vase: Target

Bed Skirt: Amazon

Hanging twinkle lights: Amazon

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DIY Bedside Tables

I am currently in the process of doing a bedroom makeover and I couldn’t find (or afford) new bedside tables that I loved. So I decided to make my own!

It was a pretty simple project that I completed in less than 4 hours. 

What you need:

2 wooden crates, I got mine from Michael’s for $10 each

Paint, I used “Devine Lightning” by Valspar Devine Colorfrom Target $12.99

Paint Brush


Wooden Dresser Legs (Lowes $1.48/each)

First I drilled holes for the legs and screwed the legs into the holes

Next, I painted them. The paint I selected dries pretty quickly and I only did a thin layer as I was going for a shabby, chic look. 

Finally, I put them into my bedroom and they worked out perfectly! the best part about this project is that you can do the tables vertically like I did or turn them horizontally for a wider look. I plan to make a double stacked horizontal table for my reading nook when I have time.  You can color them and style them with endless options. I really feel like this is an inexpensive and simple project for almost all ages. 


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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good Morning!!! I hope you have all had a great week, I definitely have! This week I got to do some super fun stuff and I really made the most of my busy days. On Wednesday I took my son to see the movie “Ferdinand”. I am typically a movie snob and will only go see movies I am absolutely obsessing over, but Ben was excited to see Ferdinand and I couldn’t disappoint him. I am glad we went because it was actually a great little movie, super cute! Also, anytime I get to have Mom-Son time I will take it.  This week I was back on track with Friendship Club, and thanks to some amazing donors who funded our club I was able to buy a ton of supplies. The kids played games and colored last week and I learned that you can never have enough “Shopkins” coloring book pages ready for first and second graders. The kids were having a blast and I can’t wait for this week when we revisit making friendship bracelets.  On Friday we did our typical family “Donut Friday”, where we go out to get donuts before we drop Ben off at school. We have been going to T&D Donuts on Figarden Drive but I am super excited to try the new place that’s opening over at The Marketplace at El Paseo on Riverside Drive called Judy’s Donuts. Our family is donut obsessed, we even make our own at home when we have time.

This weekend was pretty special, too. I was able to surprise my husband with a nice date night and took him to see his very first play! I have always been involved in theater and when he told me he hadn’t experienced one yet I knew I had to get him to a show. We went to see “Sense and Sensibility” at the 2nd Space Theater in Tower District. It was amazing! The acting company was phenomenal and they really brought the Jane Austen book to life. My husband had a lot of fun and is already trying to find more plays for us to attend together. I am so excited to see more theatrical productions, it had been far too long.

Another exciting thing that happened this weekend is that I received my first “Magic Mail”…if you’re not apart of the Disney community this may sound kind of weird, but as you know I am a Disney lover and was very happy to receive mail from my Disney friends I met through Instagram. (If you don’t know I run a Disney account on instagram with the handle @DizCactus) I have a few Disney pen-pals who write to me and it was very fun getting letters from them. I love snail mail so much! If you ever want to be apart of the pen-pal group email me at Robyn@EventfulMagic.Org, or CLICK HERE  to join my pen-pal group. You don’t have to write about Disney stuff, it could be letters about anything. I love writing and I feel like snail mail is a lost art. 

I recently ran a poll about my blog and I wanted to share the results with you and tell you what I am planning in response.

I definitely want to go to a new place in Fresno and write about that weekly so that’s on my list. I am going to post some DIY and how-to craft posts very soon! I have been working on some cool projects and I can’t wait to share them with you! I am glad you guys like my personal posts, I enjoy writing them and sharing a little bit of my world with you. I have a couple freebies and giveaways I will be hosting soon as well, so keep checking back. If you’re not subscribed feel free to to do so and you’ll never miss a post! Have a great week everyone!

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I’d love your feedback!

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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good Morning! This has been an eventful week and I am happy to say I have shaken the weird funk I was in from last week. The kid went back to school and we enjoyed the three day weekend by taking a fun adventure to So. Cal to see our family! Unfortunately my husband caught a really bad cold and wasn’t able to come with us on the trip but it ended up being a great Mother-Son trip! Plus his aunties got to spoil him with affection and video games as well as playing with their dogs and cats (Ben is such an animal lover). We enjoyed some time at the Pelican Pier Pavillion in Long Beach where we played arcade games and did a little window shopping. Ben’s aunties finally got to open their Christmas gifts now that we were in the same town….it’s never to late for presents! We had such a nice time just being around the people we love and spending time with each other. We ended up at our favorite place on Sunday…..Disneyland!!! Obviously, when in So. Cal! It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve had to date. We rode pirates and ate churros and pin traded. My son won a sword fight with a cast member and got his Auntie Liz a cool “Honorary Citizen” badge.  Ben got to test his skills on the coke corner piano and we tried our hand at being artists at the Animation Academy in DCA. Liz also got to see her very first show at the Enchanted Tiki Room. It was all we could have asked for and more. When we got back to Fresno I was able to make some very needed purchases for my home. We invested in a new sectional couch and we are on pins and needles waiting for it to be delivered so we can break it in with a family movie night. I also bought myself a letter board…ok, so that wasn’t really a “much needed” purchase, but I love it already.  I have quite a bit planned for the remainder of this month and some new exciting projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with you all! I hope you have an amazing week! Check out more moments from this week below:

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Tuesday Morning Ramblings

So we have survived the first week of 2018 and I’ve been pretty unmotivated to do a lot of the things I want/need to get done. It must have something to do with the gloomy weather and the fact that cookies taste better than veggies. As I sit here with my iced coffee and Spotify playing I am making a mental list of all the mundane daily chores I need to get done before I can even begin to be lazy and enjoy my day, how annoying. To be fair I did have a pretty amazing weekend away with my husband in Los Angeles. We have both been cooped up in the house and needed to get out so badly. Plus, I made it a resolution to plan one date a month to keep us from going crazy. We both work from home and we tend to be homebodies most of the time anyway so it can get a little much after a few weeks. It was so nice to get away and enjoy each other’s company exploring new things and eating at new places. Now we are back home and the kid is back in school and our schedule is already becoming mildly boring again. When I’m not cleaning and budgeting I am cooking or helping with homework or organizing or doing some other random necessary chore. Usually the day-to-day stuff leaves me feeling a little sad and depressed but today I decided I would use it as motivation and kick start myself into doing things I want! I start Friendship Club back up again this week at my son’s school and I am going to brainstorm some fun activities for the kids and prep them for the next couple weeks. My husband has vowed that next week we will be getting back to our morning gym dates three times a week and daily walks as a family, so that is helping lift my mood despite the rain outside today.  I have a very chaotic work space (thanks holiday season!) and I have like 6,376,983 projects I’d like to get started on so I am definitely going to find time to go through my stuff and get creative this week. It feels like an eternity since I’ve done a great personal project just to have fun.  I also have a trip to see my family in Long Beach this weekend so I have been thinking of fun stuff to cook and activities we can all do when we get there. My cousin and her wife are vegan and they have been posting all this amazing food they have been making and I want to try it all! I just hope my picky child will be an adventurous eater this trip, haha. Anyway, I know I haven’t been as active on this blog and now you can see that it stems from my lack of doing anything new. That is going to change TODAY! I can’t wait to start creating and getting out more and experiencing life a little bit differently. Hope you all have a great week!