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My Mini Studio

This fall I decided I needed to try and build my own at home mini studio. I have a great space in my garage and could see potential but I was never brave enough to go for it. One morning I woke up with a client who needed a space to do a specific kind of session and I was inspired once again to create that space for myself. 

This was my garage before:

My husband and I cleared out a substantial area and then we went shopping for some supplies. We bought two bike hanger hooks, some PVC pipe and caps and a roll of seamless backdrop paper. Then we installed the hooks on the garage wall. 


Then I hung the roll of seamless paper on the PVC pipe and used the hooks to hold it. When I unrolled it I used clamps to hold the paper in place and painters tape to secure it to the flooring. My backdrop roll isn’t very wide so I put up some white cloth behind it on the wall and laid some out on the floor beneath my staging area.  I used the lighting I already owned, purchased on amazon. 

It only takes up about 1/4th of my garage space, and I can roll it up and have it out of sight when it’s not in use and park my car inside again.  But this small mini studio has the potential for so many creative sessions. 

before editing:

after some very basic editing:

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this low cost, 2 hour project (including shopping time). I can’t wait to utilize it on many more projects!

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Monday Morning Ramblings W/Robyn

Hello and good morning! I hope you have all been doing great and are off to a great start to your week. The last couple weeks here have been exciting. Our family has been running around and getting things done and trying to stay sane in the process. All in all it was a great week though, so I am not complaining. I really enjoy the fact that we are busy making memories on top of busy getting things done. As long as I have some iced coffee and a good playlist on spotify I am ready to roll.

I picked up Ben last week and we both started school on Wednesday! He was off to fourth grade that morning with a great attitude and he even set some goals for the school year; He wants to focus more, make new friends and improve his writing skills. I know he can do it, especially since he has lots of love and support to help him work on it. He came home from his first day and we went to get him a haircut, which was fun. I have been letting him decide what kind of haircuts he likes for awhile now and he has gotten very confident about his personal style, although he does let me pick his outfits once in awhile still. That evening I left for my first day of school. It was exciting and I am already looking forward to this weeks class. I was one of the oldest students, but it definitely didn’t make a difference at all and I am really happy to start working on assignments and get used to the college routine. I might be the only person in that class looking forward to our first exam, haha!

This week I also finished a very small but fun woodworking project. I did the entire project myself start to finish; I cut the wood, sanded the edges, stained and painted it and ended up with four cute, albeit unequally sized, wooden coasters. I am going to continue practicing until I build up my skills and confidence for more interesting and detailed projects. I really loved the fact that I don’t need anyone’s help to do any of this and really spent some time learning something new. Also, I am getting tired of my coffee table having water rings from mugs and cups, so there’s that!

Friday started off great with the return of Donut Friday’s! Ben and I stopped off at Judy’s Donuts before school and had our breakfast treat on a table outside and talked about our plans for the next week. He was so positive and self aware that morning, and it made me feel very proud of myself as a parent. I often feel like I am being very hard on myself and overly critical but it is mornings like these that remind me I am doing a good job and it is ok to own that feeling. I love being a Mom and I should remind myself that I am good at it once in awhile. I mean, Ben likes me so that should count for something, right? That afternoon I hit up Barnes and Noble for some new AR books for Ben and I have to ask, am I the only one who HATES AR? I love getting Ben interested in reading, but do we really need to test kids on everything? I wish they would allow the kids to do oral presentations or projects based on their books to show the reading comprehension or something. Also it feels impossible to find books that fit all the criteria for AR sometimes. 

The weekend consisted of me laying on the sofa, knocked out from a single dose of benadryl after dealing with the excitement of allergies. I do NOT fair well with any medications that cause drowsiness so I was down for the count and missed an entire day of my life. Sunday I basically just cleaned and got my life reorganized, kinda. I always feel like I’m a load of laundry or sink of dishes behind and have no time to catch up. Monday is here and I’m thriving anyway, so whatever! We have a very busy week planned, dishes and laundry be damned, and I am ready for it (I think).  I hope you all have a good one!

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Blog Collab w/ Tawona of The Well Dressed Curl

I am so happy to finally reveal the blog collaboration I have been working on with Tawona Butler of ! We met last week and had a fashion adventure, and I learned a lot about fashion, and about her. 

I met Tawona when she reached out to me to work on some photos of her for her fashion and hair blog last year, and we have been working together ever since. I can honestly say she is one of my favorite clients and has become a good friend. I was able to interview her and we tried on some clothes together. 

Meet Tawona:

Tawona Butler, Account Specialist and Fashion blogger, was born in Chicago and came to live in Fresno, California at the age of 12. She started her blog as a way to show others how to mix and match affordable clothing after having co-workers and friends show interest in how she came up with her looks. She also shows how she maintains her natural hair and what products she uses for hair care. 

5 Fast Facts

  1. Always has chap-stick. One by the bed, in the purse, in the car, on her desk. It’s something she cannot live without.
  2. Talks a lot. People assume she’s quiet when they first meet her, but when she gets comfortable around them she loves to talk.
  3. Loves to read, and sometimes will read three different books at once.
  4. She’s a girly girl in every sense of the term. She loves purses, accessories and can wear a dress anytime for any occasion. 
  5. A secret hoarder of purses and shoes, she says she can’t ever get rid of something in case she wants to wear it or it comes back in style.

Tawona says she gets her style inspiration from celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian.  JLo has a transformative style that she admires, from high fashion to casual clothing. She explains that Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian are comfortable setting their own trends despite what others say about them which is something she enjoys as well. She told me that in the future she wanted to add more celebrity inspired looks on her blog as well as some “How To’s” for a style guide on how to dress, mix and match and where to shop to save money. She also expressed a need to post more consistently on her blog, which was fantastic because I presented her with a March #BlogChallenge of posting once a week for the entire month of March and she accepted the challenge. so you can expect a lot more from Tawona in the coming month

  If you have met Tawona or seen her social media you can see she has a wonderful sense of style and I was pleased to see how brave she was to let me dress her in some outfits I selected from her favorite store, Forever 21.

First Look:

Casual Gray Tee- $12.90

Premium Wash Denim Jacket- $24.90

Pink crushed velvet low-top sneakers- $19.50 

Tawona’s thoughts- Yes on the tee and jacket, not a fan of the velvet shoes.

Second Look:

Varsity Jacket: $29.90

Embellished White Tee- $12.90

White low top sneakers- $22.90

Round Sunnies: $5.90

Tawona’s thoughts- Loved it and would definitely wear this on a weekend out or to the park. 

The Before Look

I had such a great time picking out some casual looks for her that are more my speed than hers and she was such a good sport about trying them out.She styled me as well…if you’d like to see the looks she chose for me head over to her Blog and see!


This blog collab was so much fun and we wanted to continue the fun with all of you by hosting an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!! Head over to  our Instagram accounts for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card to Forever 21 so you can shop our looks or style your own! EventfulMagic & TheWellDressedCurl

(Winner will be selected on February 28th and announced that day)




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Tuesday Morning Rambling w/Robyn

Good Morning! It has been busy week for me and I hope you have all had a great one. Our family spent our week doing lots of fun stuff. We cleaned up our backyard and picked some lemons and oranges from our trees. My son is obsessed with lemons and would eat them all day if I let him. (Don’t worry, I don’t haha)

On Thursday we had another super successful Friendship Club. I was flying solo to make friendship bracelets but I managed to help the kids have a great time. I brought over 300 feet of elastic string and over 6,000 beads and used about 80% of my inventory. the kids were so happy to be able to make bracelets again, I even got a few 6th graders this time which typically doesn’t happen. I can’t wait for next Thursday because we are having a reading party! On Friday Morning we went to our usual hangout for Donut Friday (T&D Donuts). We usually get a donut and small cartons of chocolate milk, and it was the highlight of my day. I love seeing my son happy before school.

On Saturday my husband and I got up before the sun to go yard sale-ing. We managed to find a few good spots and scored some cool books for Friendship Club.  It was fun, but I can’t wait til the weather is better and we can go to swap meets again. I’m a pro at haggling and bargain hunting.  Afterwards, we headed to our favorite taco spot, La Elegante.  It’s a great little hole in the wall spot in Chinatown and it’s always so busy, but absolutely worth it. When I say busy I mean in the history of us eating there we have only been able to get a table twice, usually we eat in the car or on a bench if the weather is nice. I recommend the carne asada tacos, they are perfection! I spent most of Sunday writing back to some of my pen pals (Click here to become a pen-pal) and planning the week ahead, as well as heading to Fresno City Vapor to restock my husband on his favorite locally brewed vape juices.  We honestly love to go in there just to visit with the employees because they’re awesome people and make us feel so welcome. 

Monday was very fun because I was able to wrap up some projects I have been working on. I did a bedroom makeover and a little DIY project to create my own bedside tables. Our family also went out to dinner with our best friends, who actually live next door to us. We are so lucky to have these friends who have become our family. I don’t know what I’d do without them.





 I had such a fun time working on my bedroom, and soon I will have time to complete the project by adding a reading nook. And my couch is being delivered today! I definitely can’t wait for that. I will be posting updates on both next week.  I hope your week is fantastic!!!

PS: I know I am always talking about Disney stuff so I hope you won’t mind me sharing the giveaway I’m hosting on my Disney Instagram ( @Dizcactus ) the only rules are that you need to be following the account and like this photo:

You’ll have a chance to win the items above, Contest ends Wednesday Jan. 31st! Good Luck!

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Bedroom Makeover

Recently I made the decision to makeover my bedroom. I have been living in this house for about four years and I had never had the time to make my bedroom a place of beauty and comfort but I decided it was time. Overall the project was simple and so far has only cost about $100 or less. I was even inspired with a little DIY project that turned out amazing! I still need to create my reading nook and decorate another wall but I have finished the bed area. 

I honestly love the way my bedroom feels now, and I have been spending a lot more time there lately.


This is where you can find the items I have made and purchased for this project:

Tapestry: Amazon

Sheets & Pillows: Target

Bedside Table: Diy Project Here

Cactus Dish, mini pencils, and Faux Succulent: Target

Galaxy notebook/ Novel: Barnes & Nobles

Candle: Churro Scent/Flickin’ Lit candle Co.

Faux Flower in block vase: Target

Bed Skirt: Amazon

Hanging twinkle lights: Amazon

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DIY Bedside Tables

I am currently in the process of doing a bedroom makeover and I couldn’t find (or afford) new bedside tables that I loved. So I decided to make my own!

It was a pretty simple project that I completed in less than 4 hours. 

What you need:

2 wooden crates, I got mine from Michael’s for $10 each

Paint, I used “Devine Lightning” by Valspar Devine Colorfrom Target $12.99

Paint Brush


Wooden Dresser Legs (Lowes $1.48/each)

First I drilled holes for the legs and screwed the legs into the holes

Next, I painted them. The paint I selected dries pretty quickly and I only did a thin layer as I was going for a shabby, chic look. 

Finally, I put them into my bedroom and they worked out perfectly! the best part about this project is that you can do the tables vertically like I did or turn them horizontally for a wider look. I plan to make a double stacked horizontal table for my reading nook when I have time.  You can color them and style them with endless options. I really feel like this is an inexpensive and simple project for almost all ages. 


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I’d love your feedback!

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DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

So, we decided we needed to be crafty this holiday season an make our own Christmas tree. It actually ended up being pretty simple and fun.  We started with two pieces of plywood we had laying around in the garage and cut them into triangles. I have to stop here and say, please measure your wood…we didn’t really do that. We are also not people who make things using saws and wood typically so we just decided this didn’t need to look perfect, we just wanted to see how it would turn out.

After we cut the two large triangle pieces we had to cut out the slots that would line the pieces up to create a 3-D tree. It was kind of like a puzzle, but much simpler and with two crazy adults who don’t know anything about woodworking. 

We then painted the pieces a nice chalkboard green with a bunch of cold glitter stirred into the paint (both can be purchased at Target, but I think it’s a bit overpriced. Whatever, it’s Christmas. ). The color turned out great!

Last, we assembled the pieces and set it up in the corner of our living room. The top of the tree was so crooked we slapped a Santa hat on top and called it a day.  We got so excited by our little tree we went out and found some more scraps of wood in the garage and made ourselves a stocking holder to go alongside the tree. We used some fence boards and a couple of 2x4s.


Anyway, we had fun making these projects and if we can make them I am 1000% sure that anyone with scrap wood, a saw, sparkle paint and free time can make an even better version of what we created. It was nice to do something special as a family together. 

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December Giveaway!!!

As promised in my last personal post I am hosting a giveaway! I was recently at the parks and picked up this Mickey Ear Ornament Stein from Disneyland and I am now giving it away to one lucky subscriber! If you are already a subscriber you will be entered automatically….if not CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

You have until Thursday December 7th at 11:59PM to subscribe and be entered. The giveaway winner will be announced on Friday December 8th at Noon!! Good Luck to all of you!