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It’s Been Awhile…

Hey there! I have had a very long month away from blogging and honestly it has been a huge help. I don’t always feel inspired to create content and when that happens I feel like a hiatus is necessary.  I have talked before about taking a break from social media (currently 9 months and counting from having a personal Facebook or Instagram account) and I have been using this break to reconnect with MYSELF. 


In this last month I have been trying work more and to do more photo sessions but have only had a few clients, which is ultimately a struggle. There is always a new bill or a new thing we need to get for the house or Ben grows out of another pair of shoes. I’d love to be growing my business and making extra money towards these things but there’s only so many options for promoting and finding clients. I know a lot of you can relate and understand what I am going through. I obviously didn’t expect to become a millionaire with photography but I am still hopeful I can use the money I make with this job to pay for some essentials. I am currently taking October and November clients if any of you in the Central Valley are interested, feel free to email me and we discuss price and booking dates: Robyn@EventfulMagic.Org

Since August I have been going to classes at Clovis Community College and I really enjoy being in school and starting my path towards a future career in education.  I am currently taking a course about Child Development and I am happy to be focusing on something so interesting and learning about the science of growth and development in kids. I am evening starting to use this information with the kids in Friendship Club. We started FC up again and it has been going great. There are new faces and returning kiddos who have been so kind and ready for the new school year. I even have new adult volunteers who are genuinely ready to help progress the project further for the kids benefit. Having additional support has been really great. 

Benjamin has been thriving in school and recently joined Band. He is in percussion and I am very excited to see his progression with learning an instrument and how to read music. It is also great motivation for him to keep good grades throughout the year so he can stay in Band.  I am really proud that my son has an interest in the arts as I am an artist by trade and have been involved with music and theater as well as other artistic mediums throughout my life. I can’t wait to see what he will do with his abilities and knowledge.

Chris and I recently celebrated 6 years of marriage. We went out for dinner and a movie and just had a nice night out enjoying each others company. I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with. We tried some new foods on our night out and we have been doing well with our pescatarian diet so far. I feel like I could probably be doing a little more research for recipes and trying out new dishes though. I am going to work on making a list of different dinner recipes this weekend. 

Last weekend we went to Helendale to visit our best friends who moved away in March. It was a quick trip but we were able to celebrate my BFF’s birthday and the kids got to go swimming and play together. It was kind of amazing how quickly we all just fell into our little routine together, I missed them all so much. Tedra took me to her favorite spot where she lives and we got to have some time to talk and reconnect. I wish we didn’t live so far apart, but I ma really happy for them. They are headed in a positive direction and they are only getting stronger as a family. I am thankful we live in the age of technology that allows us to talk and video chat when we want to. 

I am turning 32 tomorrow and I can feel a change in me. I am still trying to figure out where I fit, and how to love myself even on my worst days, and how to maintain my clarity when the world around me often seems to be falling apart. I am also remembering what drives me and motivates me, who values and loves me for who I am, and what it takes to have continuous improvement in myself. I know there’s ten thousand things I could be doing differently or better, but today, right now, I am pretty happy with ME. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and fin something enjoyable to do with the people you love.