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Monday Morning Ramblings W/Robyn

Hello and good morning! I hope you have all been doing great and are off to a great start to your week. The last couple weeks here have been exciting. Our family has been running around and getting things done and trying to stay sane in the process. All in all it was a great week though, so I am not complaining. I really enjoy the fact that we are busy making memories on top of busy getting things done. As long as I have some iced coffee and a good playlist on spotify I am ready to roll.

I picked up Ben last week and we both started school on Wednesday! He was off to fourth grade that morning with a great attitude and he even set some goals for the school year; He wants to focus more, make new friends and improve his writing skills. I know he can do it, especially since he has lots of love and support to help him work on it. He came home from his first day and we went to get him a haircut, which was fun. I have been letting him decide what kind of haircuts he likes for awhile now and he has gotten very confident about his personal style, although he does let me pick his outfits once in awhile still. That evening I left for my first day of school. It was exciting and I am already looking forward to this weeks class. I was one of the oldest students, but it definitely didn’t make a difference at all and I am really happy to start working on assignments and get used to the college routine. I might be the only person in that class looking forward to our first exam, haha!

This week I also finished a very small but fun woodworking project. I did the entire project myself start to finish; I cut the wood, sanded the edges, stained and painted it and ended up with four cute, albeit unequally sized, wooden coasters. I am going to continue practicing until I build up my skills and confidence for more interesting and detailed projects. I really loved the fact that I don’t need anyone’s help to do any of this and really spent some time learning something new. Also, I am getting tired of my coffee table having water rings from mugs and cups, so there’s that!

Friday started off great with the return of Donut Friday’s! Ben and I stopped off at Judy’s Donuts before school and had our breakfast treat on a table outside and talked about our plans for the next week. He was so positive and self aware that morning, and it made me feel very proud of myself as a parent. I often feel like I am being very hard on myself and overly critical but it is mornings like these that remind me I am doing a good job and it is ok to own that feeling. I love being a Mom and I should remind myself that I am good at it once in awhile. I mean, Ben likes me so that should count for something, right? That afternoon I hit up Barnes and Noble for some new AR books for Ben and I have to ask, am I the only one who HATES AR? I love getting Ben interested in reading, but do we really need to test kids on everything? I wish they would allow the kids to do oral presentations or projects based on their books to show the reading comprehension or something. Also it feels impossible to find books that fit all the criteria for AR sometimes. 

The weekend consisted of me laying on the sofa, knocked out from a single dose of benadryl after dealing with the excitement of allergies. I do NOT fair well with any medications that cause drowsiness so I was down for the count and missed an entire day of my life. Sunday I basically just cleaned and got my life reorganized, kinda. I always feel like I’m a load of laundry or sink of dishes behind and have no time to catch up. Monday is here and I’m thriving anyway, so whatever! We have a very busy week planned, dishes and laundry be damned, and I am ready for it (I think).  I hope you all have a good one!