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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you have all been doing well and enjoying your summer. I have been 100% busy with my family and enjoying our time together. Benjamin has been home with us for break and has been having a blast!

We have been using our MoviePass this summer and I am so happy we invested in them. Last night we FINALLY saw Solo and I was beyond happy. I love Star Wars so much, but I was extra excited because Donald Glover was in the movie as Lando Calrissian and he did not disappoint. Last week we used our MoviePass to see Incredibles 2!!! After a fourteen year wait for a sequel I have to say, O-M-G!!! I loved the entire movie and want to see it again already. If you haven’t guessed by now we are a huge Disney Family and this movie was on our bucket list. Have any of you invested in MoviePass? I want to know your experiences with it.

Ben has been on a new adventure this summer by starting drum lessons! Our friend Robert, local tattoo artist and musician, has been kind enough to be Ben’s instructor and he has already been extremely helpful. Ben has started learning his counts and when he can’t go to a lesson we go to our local music shop and he practices in the sets in the store as well as on a drum pad we got him for home use. Ben has always been really interested in music and I am really happy to see him working on learning drums. I hope we can save up for a set for him by Christmas.

We have also been doing some fun projects this summer! One of them was making a rocket. My mom had bought Ben a rocket kit awhile back and Chris helped him put it together and we launched it in the driveway. It was hilarious. We had a few failed attempts and then decided to just mess around with the components rather than the actual rocket.

Another project we did was dip dying shoes! Ben’s favorite color is purple and we could not find purple Vans anywhere! So I got him white canvas slip on Vans and found some purple fabric dye on Amazon. we prepped the shoes by putting Vaseline on the parts we didn’t want dyed and then mixed the dye in hot salt water. We left the shoes in for about 30 mins total and they came out amazing! We are going to have to do this project again. Ben is obsessed with his shoes now and I feel like they are special because they are something he worked on himself. He loves trying different styles and isn’t afraid to express himself, and I genuinely love that about him.

I have been working on some upcoming blog content and trying to become more consistent which can be difficult when you’re busy with family and activities.  Last Friday I went Live on Instagram for “Coffee Convos with Robyn” and talked about consistency and positivity, and I am definitely planning on making this a regular thing.  If you would like to join me I will be on Friday Mornings 8am PST and my Instagram is: EventfulMagic

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I will be working on a lot more content very soon, so I appreciate your patience. You guys are amazing!

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June so far…

June has been a whirlwind of things happening! From school field trips, to summer vacation, to family visiting and work trips I am definitely ready to tell you all about some of my adventures and misadventures.

my awesome boy

The first week of June was interesting. I was pleased to watch my son receive an award at a school assembly for Academic Improvement. He has really worked so hard this school year. Third grade isn’t what it used to be, honestly. It is full of so much homework and research projects and learning

Third Grade Group

how to be organized and confident on top of the social demands that are so much more difficult nowadays. Ben was literally beaming on that stage when they called his name and he had the biggest smile. To say I was proud is an understatement. He was also lucky enough to accompany his class on a field trip to our local planetarium at Fresno State. It was so exciting to watch the kids learn about space and our solar system. We were also able to go into the school library and see how big and interesting the building is. College is so far away but to see the kids interested in furthering their education is really awesome.  It was a really great way to end the school year.

Liz and I

The same week we also had some visitors! My sister Liz and our family friend Dom came and stayed with us. 

Face Mask Crew

We were all able to go out to La Nita’s with my mom and some other family, which was really fun. We also had a face mask night as a family, because obviously group exfoliation is always a good time. Movie nights, sitting around the fire pit in the backyard and just spending time together before Ben left for two weeks was just what we all needed.  Ben has a summer schedule that includes two weeks on and off with his father throughout the summer. I choose not to discuss Ben’s other family so as to give them privacy and honestly it is extremely personal. I miss Ben a great amount when he is gone but thankfully he is at the age to have his own phone so we can maintain contact and stay in touch.

When Ben left for his two weeks, Liz and I went to her home in Long Beach and I was able to see her wife and spend a day getting our nails done and trying some awesome vegan food. We went to Pizzanista, which I love so so much, and then we tried a new place for a treat! We ended up at Hug Life in Garden Grove.  It is a plant based vegan ice cream shop! I tried the mint chip and it honestly felt like I was eating regular ice cream, but it had no dairy at all! I am definitely going back. I love trying new things and I respect that my family has a vegan diet, it is encouraging me to be healthier and more conscientious.

Erika, Mickey and I

On Sunday I had a very special photo session at Disney with one of my good friends and past clients, Erika! I was able to take photos of her in different outfits throughout the parks and spend time with her for the first time since she moved to So Cal.

@DisneylandGrammers and @Retro.Magic

  My sister and her wife, Tiffany, also came to meet me at the parks for awhile before I had to check into my hotel. I appreciate that they endured the heat and the crowds just to see me for awhile.  I did have a few hiccups that afternoon but headed back to the parks around dinner time and met up with some Instagram friends and was overwhelmed by their kindness. They not only invited me to join them for dinner but they spent literally all night with me going on rides and park hopping before ending the night with Fantasmic! I loved their positive energy and the fact that the Disney community has enabled me to meet with some spectacular people.

The next morning however, I woke up with the worst swollen tonsils ever, complete with a fever and cough.  I honestly think spending four weeks on antibiotics really messed with my immune system. As we know, antibiotics kills bacteria, good and bad.  My body clearly wasn’t ready to handle being at a theme park. I holed up at my hotel until Tuesday when I finally felt well enough to drive the 5 hours back to Fresno. My husband has been taking care of me since the moment I walked through the door.

Best Husband

I am truly lucky to have him.  I am seriously disappointed that all my other plans fell through and I wasn’t able to get any other photo sessions in. I have been having the most difficult time getting back to working on a regular basis this entire year and it can be extremely depressing. I know this too shall pass, and I plan on continuing to be an optimist despite the setbacks. Dreams also take hard work, and I plan on working very hard to make them come true.

Other highlights from the past couple weeks: I finally sat at The Liars Club booth at The Rodeo Coffee Shop and learned it’s origin story.  Chris and I took Ben to Japanese Kitchen to celebrate his award, and it was just as good as we remember. I sold more pins the last two weeks than ever before and it was super motivating, I love my customers. I have 700 followers on my Disney Instagram and I know it isn’t a huge amount but I just think it’s cool that many people want to see my photos. I attempted doing my own nails to save money and actually did pretty well, but I definitely need more practice.  I also took Dom antiquing, which apparently he had never experienced. Last but not least, Ben and I were able to enjoy Oswald the Lucky Rabbit classic cartoons.

I hope your summer is off to a great start!

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Hi There!

Hello readers! I am currently in the middle of a crazy few weeks, and I apologize for not posting my usual Tuesday post. I will be back to posting ASAP. I am about to leave on a work trip to SoCal so once I am home I will have so much to share with you all!

I have some new items up in my shop at a sale price until the 21st:

And I will be pretty active on my Instagram while I’m away: @DizCactus

Hope your summer is off to a great start



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Morning Rambling’s w/Robyn

Finally felt like eating a normal breakfast

Good Morning! I am sad to say this has been a rather uneventful week so this will be a very brief post. I spent 90% of the week in bed or on the sofa taking a new antibiotic and drinking water. Being sick is literally a huge source of depression for me because I LOVE being up and out doing things, so this week was pretty bad.

All dressed up!

Some positive things happened this week despite my being sick. My son performed with his class and thousands of other third graders in Fresno with The Fresno Philharmonic! The kids were part of the Link Up program and played their recorders with the Philharmonic. Ben was beyond proud of himself and all his work he’d done learning his music all year.  Ben has always been a musical kid so this really pushed his passion to the forefront of his mind and he is now talking about learning more instruments and how to read music. 

My love and I

The other positive thing that happened this week was that on Sunday I was finally feeling somewhat back to normal, albeit less energetic. I went to lunch and a movie with Chris and even got dressed up a little, which was nice after living in sweats for weeks. We saw “A Quiet Place“, and it was really good! I love scary movies and Chris hates them, but it was pretty much a suspense film more than a horror film so we were both satisfied. 

I am really looking forward to this upcoming week. I want to cook and have family nights again. I feel like I’ve missed so much and I definitely need to get organized. I just hope i can keep up with the impending heat wave coming for us here in the Valley. Hope you all have a great day!

I feel pretty great again!


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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! I hope you have all been doing well and have had a good week. I’m starting mine a little slow and tired, but still starting. Last week started off great! I was chosen to be a brand rep for a really cute Disney small shop, Best Day Ever Co., and I am really excited to be working with them.  Most of the past week or so I have been majorly focused on my health, and I’ve been struggling with some minor issues and doctor visits but ultimately I am doing better today, but just frustrated because I am not someone who likes to slow down.

On Thursday we had our very last Friendship Club of the school year and it was so emotional for me. The teachers and administrators all signed a card for me and gave me a gift and I literally cried, it was such a sweet thing.  I was so proud of these kids and how far they’ve come, especially my own. I watched them work together, learn from each other and talk to each other with a positive attitude. I started this club because although my son’s school has a zero-tolerance bullying rule, it is IMPOSSIBLE to police children and hear everything they say and see everything they do all the time, and kids do get bullied. My son was bullied and sometimes still deals with tough situations at his school, but now he has the tools to know what to do in these situations. He talks to me, he talks to his teachers and administrators about it immediately and he includes other kids in the conversation and he isn’t afraid to stand up and say something. Not every kid feels brave enough to do this, and I want to show the kids there is a safe and loving place at their school where they can tell someone and play together without fear of bullies. It means something to me, especially now in the world we live in where bullies can lead to something as scary as a school shooting. I have been at the school during lock down drills, and believe me, you haven’t known true fear until you see your own small child quietly sitting against a wall, underneath a table, silently mouthing the words, “please don’t be real” over and over until the drill is over. I will never stop talking to my son, or these kids about how to handle bullying and communicating with each other and the adults in their life. I am not a hero, I am just a mom who desperately wants the world to change so these kids have a chance.  I know I don’t usually go into heavy topics but this is so important and we can’t hide from this topic just because it makes us uncomfortable. If any of you ever need to talk I am always here, Robyn@EventfulMagic.Org . There are a lot of resources as well if you’d prefer to talk to professionals, I would be happy to share links with you. Contact me anytime. 

After a busy school week my husband and I went away for the weekend to Disneyland, and it was a lot of fun, but unfortunately it was cut short as I got food poisoning and we went home immediately. It definitely didn’t help my other health issues so i spent a lot of time sleeping and trying to recuperate the last couple days. Chris refurbished my old netbook for Ben to use for his school work and Ben was able to use it to do his math work for the first time, and it was kind of cool to see him so excited to have his own computer for school. Yesterday, I was able to take Ben to get some new dress clothes and a nice  haircut for his field trip today, which I will talk about next week. 

I am still not feeling 100% but I know healing takes time. If you’re ever feeling run down or sick remember that self care is not selfish, it is vastly important to being YOU and you deserve to feel healthy and well.  I hope this week can be a good one for my family, and for all of you!


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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

This week has been AMAZING!! I have been able to do so many exciting things and hopefully I have time this morning to write about it all. On Tuesday night last week I was part of a very special Instagram Live video about Magical Disney Moments. The host (@Pinpocalypse )was having people come on Live with him to share moments about Disney that made their visit or another person’s visit magical. I shared mine and a few others did as well, and then Zach made a magical moment for a special guest and it was so amazing. I loved hearing the stories people had to share. When we go to Disney we try to do things for guests and cast members all the time. For example, one Valentine’s weekend my son gave cast members their own valentine cards. Before one trip we hit the dollar store and got a ton of glow sticks and handed them out to kids before Fantasmic (because the glow products that Disney sells are EXPENSIVE) and got to watch the little kids have a blast with them.  I hope you can all create your own magical moments for others, even if it isn’t at Disney. Doing simple things like paying for the car behind you in the Starbucks drive-thru, or giving your mail carrier a cold bottle of water on a hot day, or just telling someone they’re beautiful can be a kind gesture that improves someones entire day.On a different note,  we also got our new coffee table which I ordered a couple months ago but it really helps the flow of our living room with the new couch. 

Wednesday I was pleased to see that my very first Pin creation was finally shipped to my home! I love Disney pins and creating my own fantasy pin has always been a dream of mine, and now that has become a reality. I don’t expect to become a millionaire selling my pin designs or anything, but just knowing they’re out in the world and someone is wearing something I designed makes me feel so happy. I also added some cool postcards to my Etsy shop with my Disney photography.  My mom came over for dinner that evening and we had tri-tip, and it was fun to be able to grill again. It has been awhile and I was missing my husband’s awesome grilling skills. Benjamin ended the night by finishing his essay on integrity, which was pretty amazing to read. He has such a kind heart and this year has been challenging for him but when I see the effort that goes into the things he works on I am always happy. 

Thursday I sent out my first shipment of pins to their new homes and was very happy to learn more about cost effective shipping for small items so I don’t go broke sending my pins out. I didn’t host Friendship Club this week as I was so busy with other things and trying to get organized, Friday I started out the day by hitting up my local Target for the amazing Mickey 90th merchandise! I was pleased to see all the awesome stuff our local Target had to offer, and for those of you who can’t find it or missed out it is now on their website as well. I found some mugs, shirts, earrings, and a couple other fun things that I may end up using for a giveaway on my Disney Instagram. I wasn’t feeling very well Friday so I had to stay in most of the day and give myself a chance to heal before the crazy weekend we had planned. 

Thankfully I felt well enough to go on my weekend adventure to celebrate Mother’s Day! My son and husband got me the sweetest gifts, little Minnie Mouse cups and Ben made me a flower pot at school. On Saturday morning Ben and I went to the beach with my Mom! Our family always goes to the same special beach, one that my Dad discovered, since I was very young. It was so nice to go back there and stand in the sand with Ben and play in the waves. My mom was able to show Ben how to use binoculars and they saw a whale! We also went to Fisherman’s Wharf on Monterey and ate at a cool pub where my parents always ate on their trips. I feel like we honored my Dad a lot this way and we all had such an amazing time. On the way home we stopped at Casa De Fruta and I got to have my chocolate covered strawberry so my day was complete. Sunday was fun as well and we spent it with Chris’s parents at their house. My Father-in-Law grilled for us and we got to watch the kids play and be wild in the backyard. I had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend and I am so lucky to be a Mom. I did not know what real love was until I had my son, and now my heart is full everyday just knowing I get to be his Mom. 

Monday was spent cleaning, packing orders and helping Ben with homework before we met with my Mom and went out to dinner at Olive Garden. I have been trying so hard to not eat like a crazy person but every once in awhile I think it’s OK to indulge in something we love, otherwise why are we even here? Today is a new day and the start of a great week for our family and I can’t wait to see what it brings. Thanks for following along with me! Have a great Tuesday!



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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

The past week has been full of ups and downs and I am glad to be starting fresh this morning and reflecting on the things I’ve learned. I’d like to start by saying, last week I mentioned starting the Weight Watchers program and I have decided against continuing down that path. I am pretty confident in my own abilities to eat healthier and be more active, I just need to work on the motivation. I think WW can work for a lot of people, but I just felt more stressed out by it than anything else. Our family has definitely started the journey of eating healthier though and it has been fun thinking of new meals and shopping for different ingredients. 

On Tuesday night we went to see Avengers: Infinity War. It was a lot. I have seen almost every marvel movie integrated with this Marvel Universe and I have never felt this way after watching one of them before. If you are a Marvel fan I suggest you see this, but be warned…do not wear mascara. Much like Pixar’s CoCo, it can be an intense emotional roller coaster that you probably won’t be prepared for. No spoilers, just check it out for yourself. 

On Wednesday I mostly just worked, I had so much editing to do and I have been trying to find a way to make this blog and my main website/portfolio more mobile user friendly. It is going to take some time but eventually I will work out the kinks so please bear with me.  Thursday was extremely eventful, and of course we had Friendship Club. I have been slowly accumulating sidewalk chalk and managed to get over 300 pieces to bring for Friendship Club on Thursday and I do not regret this decision at all. The kids had a blast! It was a bit warm out, because we don’t get seasons in California haha. But the kids flocked to the chalk and began drawing things and having so much fun. I saw rainbows and hearts and hopscotch grids and school mascots, but most of all I saw these amazing kids sharing and working together to be creative. I was so proud of them and enjoyed watching them creating their mini masterpieces with chalk. I hope we can have another chalk day before the end of the school year. After school Ben and I hit the Mall for some snacking and shopping. He is obsessed with Wetzel’s Pretzels dog bites so I got him some and we had a nice talk while snacking. Then we were on a mission to find a Teacher Appreciation gift. Ben chose a Daisy Duck Tsum Tsum from the Disney store and a fancy candy from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We also browsed Box Lunch and found some awesome shirts. Ben got a BB-8 Star Wars button up and I scored a cool Lando Calrissian tee featuring Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Can you tell I’m a fan? I am so stoked for Solo, coming out May 25th!! I also got my nails done and Ben picked the colors out, black and purple (“Haunted Mansion colors Mom!”), and he made some friends at the salon. I love that he is so confident to try and talk to other kids now, he is so much fun.

Friday was May the 4th! As in, May the 4th be with you!! Ben was decked out in his Star Wars gear for school and off to have a fun weekend. Chris and I spent the day working and made plans for the weekend. On Saturday we went to see Blockers at the theater and had a late lunch at Dai Bai Dang’s in River Park. It was nice to get out of the house together. On Sunday we did a little shopping together and made plans to get Chris a new bike so we could start riding together and continue to become a more active family. Sunday night I picked up Ben in Merced with my Mom and we had dinner together before heading home. I have really loved seeing my mom more often and we talked about our upcoming Mother’s Day trip. 

Monday was a good day in terms of getting a lot of work stuff done and being creative. I made my first ever pair of Mickey ears! I have so much respect for people who make them to sell in their small shops because it is NOT an easy task. I will try to post a How-To sometime soon. Ben came home and we had a lot of homework, which lead to a long talk about responsibility. Ben was not in a great mood by the end of the talk but this morning was a fresh start for us. We got up, had breakfast and got back to our discussion with a more positive attitude. We did our AR reading in the morning and I selected a book I felt would help him understand that bad days do not last forever, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad day” by Judith Viorst. He got the message and told me he was happy to try again and make today a good day. He also spotted a hidden Mickey in the book, because he is 100% my child.  I am so happy that Ben and I have the type of relationship that we can talk through our problems and I can guide him to make better choices and learn life lessons. No matter how hard the day is, and how hard it is to be patient, it is always worth it in the end. 

I hope you all have an amazing week, thanks for following along with me and my crazy adventures!

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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! Last week was pretty low key but I did some new stuff as well as had some successes and failures. Life is full of ups and downs and I think it is important to acknowledged it all.

On Wednesday I had a lot of stress concerning our cat, Churro, who had not come home. I reached out to vets and animal shelters and posted online, as one does. She is new to being outdoors and always comes home for food so I started to panic when she was nowhere to be found. I have a GPS device on her collar called “Whistle” but it was not working. Just before dinner my husband spotted her laying under a bush in the backyard and I had to help her out of it. Her nose was injured and she was exhausted but she was ok. She literally slept for 48 hours and now she is back to her usual crazy self. I also had my first massage on Wednesday, despite the fact that I was stressed it did help me relax. I mostly wanted one for my lower back pain, and it helped a lot. The place is called Knot Away Therapy and the massage therapist there was so patient and helpful and really understood what I needed in terms of helping me with my back pain. I will be going back again for sure. 

Thursday was my first day back to Friendship Club at Ben’s school and it was awesome. The kids were so kind, expressing that they missed the club as well as me. They worked on some coloring and Lego projects and we all decided what the plan would be for the next few Friendship Club days. I saw some kids resolve argument on their own by communicating and inviting new kids to the club to make friends, and seeing the things I have talked to them about in action really makes me proud that this club exists. 

On Friday we didn’t do Donut Friday, but I did let Ben get a special treat from the Starbucks drive-thru before school. I am currently working on eating healthier and donuts might have to be something I don’t frequent anymore. More like a special occasion situation. I spent most of Friday prepping for the China Town Bazaar event. I made photo boards and worked on presentation materials. It was very exciting! I also went to a Yoga class at Perfect Balance Yoga and it was a candlelight restorative class, which was very calm and relaxed, a huge stress reliever. 

Unfortunately we arrived on Saturday for the street fair and the wind was our enemy. Our pop up tent literally blew away and we had to catch it before it blew into traffic. A lot of the vendors were having similar issues and packed up as well. Hopefully we can plan better for the next one. I was really looking forward to it, but I know there are other opportunities. I at least know now how I’d set up the booth for the event and what I need in terms of marketing materials. 

Sunday and Monday were very focused around getting things done around the house and starting new projects. I started Weight Watchers Monday and it was a pretty successful day for me in terms of sticking to the point system they have.  I went grocery shopping with the intention of keeping myself from getting the usual things I overeat or things high in sugar. I definitely bought more fruits and veggies than I normally do, and I am excited to try some new recipes. My goal isn’t to lose weight so much as it is to start eating healthier in general, and start having better habits. I feel like I consume a lot of food to make myself happy rather than to nourish my body and that’s a hard habit to change. We watched The Goonies after dinner Monday night and it was kind of great just to be together and not have a million things to do. I am looking forward to the coming week and everything it entails and I hope you all have a wonderful week as well.

PS: I am having an Instagram contest to win a Free one hour photo session! If you’d like to enter click on the link and check it out—> Instagram Contest



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Tuesday Morning Ramblings W/Robyn

Hello and good morning, Happy Tuesday! This past week has been a giant adventure! I have done so many fun and exciting things that I am so happy I get to share with all of you. 

As most of my friends know I have been getting back into my workflow and that means being back behind my camera again, aka my second baby. I was able to do a really fun photo walk with my friend Robert (local tattoo artist). We headed to the heart of Tower District and focused on the wall murals. There are so many different pieces of beautiful art on every corner in Tower and I love finding hidden gems. It was great having a friend along with me on the photo walk because I rarely get to see someone else’s take on the same subject by working together. I definitely can’t wait to do another walk again and try out some new ideas and techniques. 

Friday evening Chris and I headed to the best place in the world, Disneyland! We spent the weekend there and it was AMAZING! So many things were happening at Disneyland Resort that weekend and we got to experience the magic of it all. As soon as we arrived we hit the parks and rode on Pirates of the Caribbean, which was especially cool this trip because it is was our last opportunity to see “The Read Head” before they refurbish the ride and turn her into a pirate!! I cannot wait to see her become a pirate, it is going to be so awesome. I love when changes come to Disney because Walt was always expressing his interest in change and innovation.

Saturday morning we did rope drop and it was pretty calm all morning, but it was Dapper Day weekend and everyone looked so beautiful and amazing in their Dapper outfits. If you don’t know what this Dapper phenomenon is I highly suggest you check it out on Instagram. People come dressed in period piece clothing representing something with a Disney character or attraction; for example I saw a woman in a 50’s style gown with parrots and pineapples all over it and a little clip in her beautifully coiffed hair shaped like a Dole Whip treat! So basically she was dressed as “The Enchanted Tiki Room”. People get so fancy and creative and I loved seeing the details in everyone’s attire. While at the parks I was also able to meet some of my friend’s from Instagram! I am always so inspired by the Disney community and it was nice to interact with them and meet them face to face. 

It was also PixarFest at the parks, where Disney had everything from Pixar decorations and food to Pixar parades and fireworks shows. It was insanely fun and it is going on until September so if you are able to go you should! We rode so many rides and ate at our favorite spots and just spent time together doing all the things we love to do. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with the love of my life. I am glad I have a huge Disney nerd to share my experiences with.

It was back to real life on Monday, but I honestly had a great day. I was able to do a Grad photo session for some of my favorite clients in Old Town Clovis and I am beyond excited to finish the edits and send the, because they turned out so nice.  Ben worked on a lot of homework in the evening and I could see so much improvement in his writing which makes me very proud. He used to think writing wasn’t fun and now he is actively working on opinion essays and trying to make his work exciting as well as communicative. (#ProudMom ) Yesterday was also interesting for me because I went to my very first Yoga Class at Perfect Balance Yoga. I found them on Groupon and got a 5 class voucher for $35. I don’t know what to expect but I went into the basic beginners class with an open mind. It was amazing! I have been having lower back pain and I woke up this morning with it feeling so much better. I also had a very emotional experience during the class because I realized that I am always tense and it was the first time I had allowed my body to completely relax in years. I was so overwhelmed by life and it all melted away in those moments and I will be going back again for my next class soon!!

I wanted to share with you some info about the street fair I will be apart of this coming weekend as well. The ChinaTown Bazaar in Fresno will be Saturday the 28th 10am-3pm. I will have my booth set up all day and be selling some pieces and scheduling photo appointments at a special rate for the event. I hope you guys can make it out to support your local small businesses and say hi!

I hope you all have an amazing week, thanks for catching up with me on mine!

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Wednesday Morning Ramblings with Robyn

Trying to get back into the swing of things around here so I am a day late for my weekly blog post, hope you don’t mind. The past week has been really fun, actually. I’ve been able to do a lot of family stuff and I got back to work!

I made a stop a my friend Robert’s place to pick up some original art pieces. He is the artist that did our Pixar tattoos in February. I love having my friend’s art around my work space, it is so inspiring. I also recently commissioned a piece from my friend Chloe, who was on the blog in October of last year talking about being an artist in the Central Valley. I feel so lucky to have such creative and interesting people in my life and I can’t wait to have more of their work around my home. 

I went back to work this past week as well. My first client back was Tawona from The Well Dressed Curl! I was able to photograph her in some pieces for her latest blog post, and I am so excited with how they turned out. I also have a few spots booked for this month with past clients and I can’t wait to see them and help capture their special moments. I missed being behind a camera.  It was important for me to take time off for my family, but I am an artist at heart and I am happiest doing what I love.


My family spent the weekend doing some fun stuff together, and my Mom even came down from Merced to join us! We spent the morning Saturday at the mall shopping for swim trunks because Ben is having a swimming field trip this week! We found a great pair at the Disney Store, star wars themed.  Afterwards, we took my Mom downtown to experience the deliciousness that is Quesadilla Gorilla! We were in quesadilla heaven, any excuse to eat there is a good one. Then we checked out the record shop next door and did some shopping at the marketplace nearer to my home. On Sunday we took Ben to his volunteering orientation at the CCSPCA here in Fresno. He is so interested in caring for animals and the orientation was awesome. We learned about the organization and all the ways they help animals in Fresno and we even got to tour the grounds. Ben was over the moon about all the animals and learning how he can be apart of their future. I am proud of this kiddo for having such a big heart and willingness to help others. 

This week has been pretty cool for me personally so far because I am starting some new projects and doing some stuff to make myself a happier person.  I went shopping for myself, which I don’t typically do because I hate trying on clothes and I get overwhelmed with style and choices. I managed to pick out some cute items; I found some overalls, a dress and because I am a mom I scored some cool shorts for the kid. I also went to Ulta and had my hair done and my nails done by the amazing Carissa! She is so down to earth and makes me feel like a queen when I leave the salon. I have also started a new business venture that is in the very early stages, I am making pins! If you know me then you know I am Disney obsessed, and we collect and trade Disney pins. Well, I designed my own and it is currently being manufactured as we speak and it is up fro Pre-Order on my Etsy site! I also have some fun Disneyland Guide Map pin-back buttons for sale as well. i will be working on new designs whenever possible and I hope you guys can check them out.  

I am also going to be apart of a fun street fair in Chinatown at the end of the month! The Chinatown Bazaar is a new event focused on bringing people down to that area and reviving it. It is super close to our all time favorite taco spot, La Elegante, and I am so excited to be apart of the excitement. I will be posting the info as soon as I can so you can join me downtown and see my booth! 

Thanks for catching up with me and I hope you’re all having an awesome week!