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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good morning friends! I hope you have all been well. I am having an amazing week so far, feeling very motivated and excited for the future.

Last week we celebrated 4th of July and my Mom joined us in Fresno. It was really chill, did some grilling and we watched Captain America (he just turned 100 and still looks great! I need some of what he’s having), and then we did some fireworks in the driveway. As always, I found a way to use the celebration to work on my photography and even got Ben and Chris to do some shots as well. It was really fun. We worked on long exposure shots and light painting.

Long Exposure shot

My cousin Katy and my Uncle Lee came to visit us last week and Katy gave me

a makeup tutorial while the guys played video games. I am a very low maintenance person when it comes to beauty products, but it was really fun to get a makeover and get a peak into Katy’s day-to-day routine.  I commend all of you out there who commit to this process daily because it was WORK. I have adapted a few things of what she taught me into my new daily routine but I can’t imagine doing it every day on top of having my insane amount of hair.  I have been trying to incorporate

more skin care and hair care into my life, though. I tried for weeks to order the Target Beauty Box but it was sold out for June. I did, however, get Chris a Men’s Beauty Box! He has been trying the products and so far he loves them all.  I managed to get an order in for the July one, so I will be posting my review soon.

Target Men’s Beauty Box

Ben has mostly been spending his summer in video game heaven, which is not as expensive now that we did a GameFly subscription, and we got the first month free! I like to be a little more family oriented with gaming though, so I let Ben pick out a board game to play with everyone and he chose Monopoly Cheaters Edition. Essentially it’s Monopoly but you get to steal money and skip out on rent and break out of jail.  It was pretty endearing to learn that our son is NOT  good at cheating and being sneaky whatsoever. I am hoping that is the case in his teen years as well. In the end Chris won because Ben gave him all of his money and said, “Dad never wins at Monopoly so I’m trying to be nice.”.  He really is a good kid.  He left Friday for two weeks with the other side of his family and I know he is going to have a blast. I am currently planning his birthday party because when he comes back home he will be turning 9!!! I can’t believe this kid is halfway to adulthood.
Chris and I have been working a lot but once the workday is over we have been going to see more movies with MoviePass. We recently saw The First Purge, which is the origin story of the film series. I am really into trashy scary movies and Chris hates them so I appreciated him going to see this, despite the fact that it was awful. We also recently went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which Chris loved but I don’t really enjoy the Jurassic Park series as much.  I was pleased with myself for figuring out the plot twist, and the surprise T-Rex scenes are always fun so I can’t complain. We are waiting for Ben to come home before we see the new Ant-man movie because we always watch Disney films as a family.
Chris also hung up some plants for me! This may seem like an insignificant thing to most, but I have been trying to incorporate some plant life into my home and it just makes me feel happier to have living things around me, especially after losing my Father.  House plants have been known to help the depression process and with insomnia, which I struggle with.  I have also been getting back into yoga again. My friend Brooke joined me for Yoga Nidra at Perfect Balance Yoga and it was extremely calming. I have also been doing a little of it each morning before I eat.
I did a little online shopping as well recently because I am planning a DisneyBound for our next family trip later this month. We are taking my Mom to Disneyland for the first time as a family and it’s her first return in 15 years so we have a lot to experience together. I am really into DisneyBounding but I always end up more focused on what my son is wearing or helping my husband pack to really bring it to fruition at the parks, so this time I am pre-gaming and getting my essentials ready.  If you don’t know what the term DisneyBounding means don’t worry, I will help you understand. It is when someone plans an outfit based on a character or Disneyland theme. It isn’t quite a costume, more of a subtle ode to a character using color schemes and accessories. I am going for Winnie the Pooh so I recently found a shirt at and have been slowly gathering accessories. I am excited for this trip for so many reasons and I can’t wait to show you my DisneyBound, hopefully I can convince Chris to take a picture of me while we are there.
I have some fun projects happening right now! I recently did a poll for Coffee and Convos and Instagram voted Sundays at 930AM PST would be ideal so I will be Live on Instagram to chat, have coffee and answer any questions you guys may have. I will post the video later on here and on Facebook if you are unable to join me Live.  CLICK HERE to send me your questions.

I hope you all have an amazing week! thanks for catching up with me.