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Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all doing well. It has been a really intense week for me and I am definitely ready to tackle the rest of this month. 

So last week Chris and I were just starting our official life of pescetarianism. We have been doing a lot of cooking and trying new things. We have been better about making fresh breakfasts like greek yogurt with berries and granola. We have also been trying more seafood like scallops, fish tacos, and clam chowder. The both of us love mexican food so we recently made some awesome burritos with beans, rice and potatoes. I have an entire list of foods I want to try making and I am so happy we have broken out of our boring food cycle to try and get a little more healthy and happy. Making food makes me happy!

Last Thursday was Art Hop and it didn’t go how I planned at all. I had a great set up and Root Access was stocked with drinks and snacks but I didn’t get any customers and only 3 people came in the shop to see the art. The night was still really fun though! Ben and his friend made slime and played with clay and the adults all hung out and chatted about art and projects. It was nice getting out of the house for sure.  My photography will be in the shop for the entire month of August if you’d like to see it definitely head over to the Hackerspace.

Friday was a very awesome day for me. I am officially going back to college and went to enroll in my first class. I went to college right after high school but ended up having to drop out because my life got extremely crazy. I never thought I’d be able to go back. I am taking classes at Clovis Community College and plan to go into teaching. I am 31 and feel like maybe this is an insane idea but every time I am with the kids at Friendship Club my heart aches because I want so badly to help them more than just one afternoon a week. I want to invest in the future of our world, and that means investing in kids! Ben came with me to the college to enroll and pay for my class and parking permit and meet with my counselor. He was so excited to see where I’d be going to class and he kept talking about how he wants to go to college someday and that really made me feel great. He is 100% a motivator for me. He left Friday evening for his last little block of time with his other family before summer is over and I hope he is having an amazing time before he has to go back to school.

Saturday morning started out ROUGH. Our dishwasher broke and we had some leaky pipes and it was stressing us out. Chris and I ended up in a big argument and after we calmed down and talked it out I decided  we needed to get the heck out of the valley for the night. We hopped in the car and drove to Monterey. I can honestly say that sometimes all you need is the ocean to heal your soul and de-stress. I can tell Chris has been working too hard and I have been handling a lot of personal stuff and we needed to literally chill out, and the temp was mid 60’s so it worked! We ate seafood on the wharf, and I was able to do a little photography. We even saw a HUGE school of jellyfish and a bunch of cactus plants. Then we headed to Cannery Row to walk around and sit on the little beach there at sunset. We found a nice little motel in Salinas and headed back home the next morning. I am so happy we were able to spend some one on one time together in a nice beautiful place. I am always down to go on an adventure with the love of my life. It was a reminder that while life can be stressful and we have to deal with boring adult crap we will always have each other and that’s really all we need. We have a plumber coming out today to help with our dishwasher and we both feel recharged for the week, so life goes on!

Monday I had a private wood shop lesson with Andrew runner of the Root Access Hackerspace. My Dad left me his wood shop equipment after he passed and I want to learn how to use it all properly so I can make my own projects. Andrew covered quite a bit in a short amount of time and I feel like I know more about the saws I have now and even started working on a small project of making my own wooden coasters for my coffee table. I will let you know how they turn out. My goal is to eventually get good enough to build Chris a custom computer desk and a new dining room table. I hope my Dad would be proud of me trying to learn how to do this on my own. I miss him and I feel connected to him when I am creating new things. I worked a little on my upcoming art piece for The Strangers Stop-N-Shop Pineapple Express Art Show. If you’re in the Merced area August 25th head over and check out the local artists for yourself! Monday evening I met with a new client, and now a new friend, Diedre Curry, a local blogger! I was so happy to meet her in person and work on some photos with her for her upcoming blog. I love meeting new people and connecting through art. 

I hope you all have an amazing week and thank you for catching up with me!